CEMISpA operates in compliance with a Quality System, described in a Manual, in compliance with the UNI EN ISO-9001 standard, applying rigorous procedures to all company activities.
In the "management of orders" the following listed technical and management procedures are normally applied:

  • Bid management and contract review
  • Control of documents and data
  • Tests checks and tests
  • Test equipment, measurement and testing
  • Non-compliant product inspection

Customer satisfaction and compliance with the contractual dates are indicators considered of fundamental importance in the objectives for the quality of our company.

Excellent organization for efficiency

The meticulousness with which we face the projects allows us to offer maximum guarantee of efficiency and compliance with the deadlines.
Our staff are always in direct coordination, so the design engineers, construction managers and specialized operators are organized to develop their tasks smoothly.
Our administrative department and web tools allow customers to check all the procedures in progress.


  • aenor iso 9001
  • aenor iso 14001
  • aenor ohsas 18001
  • iq net
  • protos soa