Who we are

azienda-cemiThe company operates in the public and private sectors of the electrical and instrumental electrical and instrumental plant and equipment since 1984. The CEMI operates throughout the national and international territory with an average force of 50 workers for the installation and maintenance of electrical systems industrial, civil and instrumentation; it also has an electrical workshop equipped for the execution of distribution and control panels, synoptic panels, MV cabins both for installed systems and for direct supplies.
The activities carried out can thus be divided:

  • Electronic instrumentation plants (AD-PE and SI) and pneumatics for industrial production processes
  • Electrical installations in AD-PE and watertight execution
  • LV distribution switchboards
  • Medium voltage electric substations
  • Instrumental command and control panels



The company has adequate workers able to develop the following activities:

  • Calculation and sizing of equipment, protection systems, cables and cable routes
  • Calculation and sizing of plumbing and heating systems, fire protection systems, pipes and pipelines;
  • Specific preparation and data-sheets
  • Execution of functional and interconnection diagrams and terminal board drawings
  • Execution of P & ID schemes, flow diagrams and system design drawings
  • Preparation of cable routes drawings
  • Sizing of earth networks, cathodic and atmospheric protection systems
  • Sizing of aqueducts, gas pipelines, purification, steam and technical gas systems
  • List of instruments, lay out and sketch editing of primary and secondary editing
  • HW-SW configuration of control systems
  • Check list and testing procedures


Electrical and Mechanical Activities

Workshop buildings:
- Low Voltage panels
- Water treatment components
- Synoptic panels, control and command panels
- Automation panels with PLC
- Valves and semi-finished bodies for thermal power stations
- Installations mounted on skid (gas and metering, compressed air, etc.)

Installations on site:
- civil and industrial electrical systems and their maintenance
- civil and industrial mechanical systems and their maintenance
- alternating energy systems
- processing plants
- LV and MT power lines
- cogeneration, biogas, geothermal and solar thermal plants
- Special fire-fighting and extinguishing systems
- air treatment plants
- processing plants
- LV and MT power lines
- outdoor lighting systems
- global service facilities for maintenance
- special systems for medical equipment

Instrumental Activities
- Telecontrol systems
- Detection, alarm and extinguishing systems
- Installation of electronic control instrumentation
- Thermoregulation and home automation applied to mechanical systems
- Laying primary pipes and primary and secondary electrical wiring
- Calibration of instruments in the field
- Control room set-up
- Periodic checks for combustion and fume control equipment


  • aenor iso 9001
  • aenor iso 14001
  • aenor ohsas 18001
  • iq net
  • protos soa