IT data network installations



C.E.M.I. supplies installation and maintenance services for data transmission systems. We are especially active in the feld of traditional wiring systems, for telephone and data transmission, allowing companies to reach a higher level in terms of flexibility, functionality and organisation. We offer engineering, installation, assistance end maintenance services, regardless of the company dimensions and the type of installations.
In a world where telecommunications are in continuous evolution and where there always is a growing need to make communication faster and more secure, our company guarantees companies and public bodies a solid bond of trust and constant assistance for technological equipment.
We supply:
• LAN and WAN networks for companies;
• optical fbre and copper cabling;
• security systems for company frewalls;
• data transmission systems with radio relay and Wi-Fi
Installations can be integrated with new technologies accordingly to the clients’ needs and without underestimating potential future needs.



  • aenor iso 9001
  • aenor iso 14001
  • aenor ohsas 18001
  • iq net
  • protos soa