Mechanical hydraulic installations

impianti meccanici idraulici


C.E.M.I. meets any needs in terms of designing and implementing hydraulic and mechanical installations in the industrial and tertiary sectors. Thanks to the recent takeover of the L.T.I. S.r.l. - a company specialised in hydraulic and mechanical installations since 1988 - C.E.M.I. is now able to meet all needs of planning, installing, operating and maintaining any kind of hydraulic and mechanical installation. C.E.M.I. plans and implements hydraulic installations for any industrial and entrepreneurial needs with technologically advanced materials of the latest generation. All architectural characteristics of the installation environment are attentively taken into consideration in order to develop solutions that best suit the activities carried out or the wares to be stocked, while fully complying with the existing norms and the clients’ needs.


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  • aenor ohsas 18001
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