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Design and manufacture


CEMI designs and manufactures electrical systems for the Industrial and Tertiary sectors. The core mission of CEMI is the installation of industrial electrical systems always in step with the latest regulations and the most advanced technologies.

• Calculation and sizing of equipment, protection systems, cables and cable routes;

• preparation of specifications and data-sheets;

• preparation of functional and interconnection diagrams and terminal block drawings; preparation of P&ID diagrams, flow charts and system construction drawings;

• list of tools, preparation of layout and assembly drawings.


Electrical cabinets

CEMI designs, installs and adjusts electrical cabinets. This activity has to be carried out with special care since electrical cabinets are subject to continuous evolution of the legislation and because they operate at medium voltage (generally 20,000 Volts) and need to be approved by the energy provider (ENEL).



Technicians and specialised personnel design and install the electrical systems. Our technical office has CAD and software stations for the design and calculation of MV or LV power switchboards and industrial automation switchboards.


PLC automation panels and electro-instrumental plant engineering

CEMI operates in the field of industrial automation, specialising in the development of PLC/PC based systems (SCADA supervisory systems), the design of electrical diagrams, and the construction of switchboards. PLC programming is of crucial importance in the development of an automation system: CEMI builds and maintains these systems.


BMS systems

Building Management Systems (BMS) are for the integrated management of all the technological functions of a building that include systems for access control, security, fire detection, lights, smart lifts, and air conditioning. CEMI Spa is able to install fully integrated systems in the industrial sector as well as in large residential centres thanks to its decades of experience in the electrical field and knowledge of hydraulics


IT systems and data and CCTV networks

CEMI can install and maintain data transmission systems. These include: LAN and WAN corporate networks, fibre optic and copper cabling, Firewall security systems, data transmission systems with radio links, and Wi-Fi networks. The systems can be integrated with new technologies, assessing customers’ requirements without ever underestimating the needs for future development. CEMI sets up and personalises all video surveillance systems in perfect keeping with the context and the customer’s specifications.


Intrusion detection systems and preparation of control rooms

CEMI designs, installs and tests intrusion detection systems, and provides customer support. The systems supplied can all be managed and programmed using a local or remote PC and allow for maximum flexibility and availability of the programming functions. We also set up control rooms and control units for large-scale video surveillance or remote control systems, from technical equipment for housing monitors, computers and videowalls, to the system interface with law enforcement agencies.


Atmospheric discharge protection systems

CEMI designs and installs “direct” or “external” atmospheric discharge systems for the protection of structures; and “indirect” or “internal” atmospheric discharge systems to protect equipment and systems against overvoltages caused by lightning strikes in the immediate vicinity.


Mechanical/hydraulic systems

CEMI can design, set up and maintain all manner of hydraulic and mechanical systems in the industrial, tertiary and civil sectors. We design and build hydraulic systems with careful analysis of the architectural characteristics of the intended place of installation, and develop solutions best suited to the context and the needs of the customer.


Fire safety systems

CEMI designs and installs automatic powder, sprinkler, foam, CO2 or chemical aggregate fire extinguishing systems. These solutions are activated when a fire is detected or smoke is above the tolerance limit. The company provides a scheduled maintenance and upgrading service to ensure the constant efficiency and long life-span of the installed system.


Air handling units

CEMI designs and produces air handling, ventilation and heat recovery units for the residential, commercial, industrial and chemical-pharmaceutical sectors according to the highest standards of quality and professionalism


Compressed air systems

CEMI installs compressed air distribution systems of the best international brands. A reliable and highly professional service assists the customer in planning and implementation. The components are chosen on the basis of analysis of the quantity and quality of compressed air required for the production activity: air compressors, dryers, filters, storage tanks and piping materials.


Industrial maintenance

We have the human resources and expertise required to assist companies in both routine and non-routine maintenance of industrial systems that are used 24/7, guaranteeing a service available at all times and an ability to set priorities.
We offer scheduled routine maintenance with set visits to check or obtain data on the hours of use of systems, stations and panels, and optimisation of components on the basis of their consumption and/or according to current regulations.
Our maintenance staff carries out non-routine maintenance in the event of breakages and malfunctions, or when the customer is unable to restore operation or factory settings. We offer a service 365 days a year, even at night, with staff trained to operate in hazardous environments (ATEX), at companies in the food and metallurgical sector that use continuous production cycles, at port facilities, and even in healthcare/hospital environments.

thermohydraulic works

We provide support for domestic boilers and central heating systems in condominiums, shopping centres and shops, with a team of 8 specialised technicians who care for over 3,000 systems.
The dedicated technical office, run by 3 technical assistants, offers consulting and energy efficiency solutions for new and upgraded systems, from design and testing to remote monitoring and assessment of the systems.
Our staff possess a license to act as a third party responsible for systems with a power rating above 350 KW, and an F-Gas license.

Address: Via della Fornace n.22, 48124 Ravenna (RA) Italy
Tel.: +39 0544/460176 - Fax: +39 0544/456419
Business register of Ravenna
DNI and  VAT number: 00929750396
Cap. Soc. i.v. € 600.000,00

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